In the Flesh: L.A. (the West coast version of In The Flesh founded by Rachel Kramer Bussel) is a monthly reading series held the second Wednesday of every month at Hustler Hollywood, and features the city's best journalists, authors, scriptwriters and more offering their torrid tales for your entertainment and titillation.

From secret dirty confessions to unique sexual insights (and even the odd embarrassment or two), these writers get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Readers have included Willam Belli, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maxim Jakubowski, Stan Kent, Shana Ting Lipton, Jenny Block, Regina Lynn, Rob Roberge, Eugene S. Robinson, Marty Barrett, Seth Greenland, Nina Hartley, Jeff Miller, Colleen Wainwright, Adam Grayson, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Maggie Marr and BatSheva Vaknin. We've also been written up in Metroblogging L.A., LAist, Thrillist, Fishbowl L.A., Blue Blood and others.

Themed include Survival, Confessions, Madonna, Fears, Embarrassments and many more. Complimentary snacks and desserts from the Hustler Hollywood cafe will be offered. The event is free.

In The Flesh: L.A. debuted in May 2008. E-mail for booking, more information or interview requests.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wild Card Night was wild with a packed and rowdy crowd

November 20's In The Flesh was Wild Card night and it lived up to its billing. The Hustler Hollywood cafe was packed with about 50 fans who proved they were into the words and the five authors who titillated the crowd with stories of life in the sex industry, young lust, profiling a porn star and a rape fantasy of a failed VP candidate. The authors were Antonia Crane, Jillian Lauren, Tina Dupuy, Michael Lynn and Devan Sagliani, and Stan Kent (that's me in the shocking pink biker jacket) hosted and DJed playing songs with a wild theme. Here we are glowing underneath the Hustler Hollywood sign and all repeat after me - "Relax, It's Just Sex!"
Antonia Crane looked stunning for her many admiring fans and wasted no time in regaling the cheering crowd with tales of her days at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco, soon to be published in Tales of a Sexual Outlaw.

Antonia has a way of describing her encounters with guys ranging from Zucchini Man to Enema Man to a coked-up couple looking for group sex in a way that seems paradoxically casual yet engaging. This book is going to demystify and humanize the sex industry thanks to Antonia's skill with people in need of sex and people in need of hearing about it.

Next up to the microphone came Tina Dupuy who was feeling a bit out of her element. She is a satirist first, and anti-social commentator next and not a sex worker or a writer about sex. She needn't have worried. Her story - The Matt Came Back - had the audience laughing and applauding as Tina read about one of her young lust episodes, proving that a good writer can work magic with the right words, as she did at the end of the night winning one of the Hustler Hollywood gift bags for her contribution to our on-going Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Say "Relax It's Just Sex." More to come about that later.
Jillian Lauren read an excerpt from her upcoming memoir Some Girls which will be published by Plume/Penguin in the Spring of 2010. Jillian took off from where Antonia had left off, spinning a touching, titillating and totally hilarious account of her work as an escort where she visited a famous TV personality's apartment only to find he was more into himself and his preening than he was her. Silly, silly boy ...
After those three amazing tales, all of which featured enough erotic imagery to cause a certain amount of stiffness and fidgeting amongst the audience, a short break was needed for everyone to stretch and partake in Hustler Hollywood cafe refreshments and snacks while I played some more music leading off with Against Me!'s Thrash Unreal. And no, I'm not sponsored by Fiji Water, Abercrombie & Fitch or Sony Vaio - just Hustler Hollywood!

The readings resumed with Michael Lynn treating the audience to a selection called Got Jenna? (as in Jenna Jameson). Michael has a distinguished career producing "E! True Hollywood Story," of which he has produced more than 40 episodes since 1998, including two of the top three “True Hollywood Stories” of all time. The lucky guy got to profile Jenna Jameson, giving the audience a feel for what it is like to be the world's most famous porn star and to be in her orbit for several days. It was a charming piece in which you got the sense that Jenna let her guard down and Michael came to realize that porn stars are human too.

If ever there was a story that required the Hustler Hollywood disclaimer "Relax It's Just Sex," it was the final reading from Devan Sagliani titled "Republican’s Delight" which is to be featured on Sarah Palin – a website created by In The Flesh instigator Rachel Kramer Bussel and dedicated to fantasies, satire and smut about Alaska’s Governor and failed VP candidate. Devan was a bit nervous to read his transgressive piece about a rape fantasy involving Sarah Palin, but he needn't have worried. The audience welcomed his over-the-top porn talk with open minds and in some cases open mouths. It was a moment to be cherished that Larry Flynt would have been proud of. SNL needs to talk to Devan...

We wrapped up the evening with the audience submitting their top reasons why you should say "Relax, It's Just Sex." As to be expected from a word-wise audience, there were some witty suggestions with the winners of the stuffed-to-overflowing Hustler Bags full of Hustler merchandise being Tina Dupuy for her social commentary "Relax It's Just Sex because war is perverse., and Colleen O'Hare who stole the money shot with "Relax It's Just Sex - your pussy doesn't care if he calls tomorrow." Since she'd left the building early, I had to call tomorrow with her goodie bag...
Until we return In The Flesh in January with New Year, New Sex, have a great holiday and enjoy getting ready to live in a world not under Bush. Unless of course it is the good kind of bush...
Thanks to all the readers and the crowd, and thanks to Robert Bruce for taking some of the pictures.