In the Flesh: L.A. (the West coast version of In The Flesh founded by Rachel Kramer Bussel) is a monthly reading series held the second Wednesday of every month at Hustler Hollywood, and features the city's best journalists, authors, scriptwriters and more offering their torrid tales for your entertainment and titillation.

From secret dirty confessions to unique sexual insights (and even the odd embarrassment or two), these writers get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Readers have included Willam Belli, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maxim Jakubowski, Stan Kent, Shana Ting Lipton, Jenny Block, Regina Lynn, Rob Roberge, Eugene S. Robinson, Marty Barrett, Seth Greenland, Nina Hartley, Jeff Miller, Colleen Wainwright, Adam Grayson, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Maggie Marr and BatSheva Vaknin. We've also been written up in Metroblogging L.A., LAist, Thrillist, Fishbowl L.A., Blue Blood and others.

Themed include Survival, Confessions, Madonna, Fears, Embarrassments and many more. Complimentary snacks and desserts from the Hustler Hollywood cafe will be offered. The event is free.

In The Flesh: L.A. debuted in May 2008. E-mail for booking, more information or interview requests.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year - New Sex - New Format - Here's The Stars of the 2009 Inaugural In The Flesh

New Year - New Sex - New Format for In The Flesh and here's the Wednesday, January 14 at 8pm cast of captivating carnal tale tellers...
Proving that great things happen to those that read at In The Flesh we welcome back Jolene Hui not just as a reader but as a co-host. That's right - her back-pocket jean removing/raising imagery so captivated me I decided I had to have her as a co-host to help share the load. Now any mistakes, omissions or downright blogheadiness you find can be blamed on two people! And we rewarded Jolene by letting her read another story, of which she has many as you can see from the picture below...
Jolene ( is a writer of literary and erotic fiction and about anything else her fingers feel like typing. She's been known to write a horror column for The Flesh Farm and a hockey column for Inside Hockey. One of Tonto Books' first authors, her literary fiction has been published in their Tonto Short Stories, Tonto Christmas Stories, and More Tonto Short Stories anthologies. She's also been published by a variety of newspapers, magazines, websites, Cleis Press, Pretty Things Press and Alyson Books. Her short play "Addendum" was produced as part of the Northpark Playwright Festival in 2003 and her short play Feather and Magazines premiered as part of the San Diego Actors Alliance Festival in 2004. She still holds onto her dream that she will one day be the mother of a Standard Poodle and frequently daydreams about cheesecake. She is based in Los Angeles, and she'll be reading an excerpt from 'The New Neighbors' - which has been published - in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2008 by Alyson Books...edited by Nicole Foster.

Our next reader is Colleen O'Hare and she's going to be reading a story with a title that I predict will win the In The Flesh award for the most intriguing (and long) title of 2009 - "Fresh Fish: A True to Life Accounting of the Role Cod Played in Losing My Virginity." And I'm sure after trekking through that title you'll want to know more about the mind and fingers behind that teaser. Well read on ... After attaining her masters in commercial writing and strategic branding, Colleen O’Hare began her career as an advertising copywriter. Her work won many awards including The One Show, Communication Arts, New York Festival, Show South, and ABC-TV's "The Funniest TV Commercials You've Never Seen." Now a television writer/producer and comedian, she has worked for many shows, including “Blind Date” and E! Network’s “True Hollywood Story,” and most recently for ReelzChannel’s “Secret’s Out,” “What It Takes,” and “The Checklist.” She also developed, produced and directed “Feed-Back,” a series of comedic short segments for Food Network, and helped to establish the tone and format for Style’s first red carpet coverage of the Golden Globes. A finalist for the ABC/Disney Television Comedy Writing Fellowship, her humorous articles have appeared in The Onion, and her one woman show, “Damaged, but Not Dead,” was chosen for the prestigious First Look festival, with successive engagements in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She’s performed stand up at the world-famous Comedy Store, The Punch Line, and The Ice house, studies with The Groundlings and Improv Olympic West, and has appeared in numerous commercials and films, and oh yeah, cod had something to do with her becoming an ex-virgin.

This crop of readers for the Inaugural 2009 ITF-LA is turning out to be an eclectic bunch full of interesting personal experiences. Our next spinner of sensual prose is Carolyn Ryder and she actually had the pleasure of interviewing Larry Flynt himself a few years ago for Swindle magazine. She remembers he seemed entirely disinterested in the interview until she asked him what his favorite part of a woman's body was. "Her cunt" he said (of course!), and was cheerful for the remainder of the interview. She is a style writer and deviant-in-training (sounds like she's already graduated to me...) She is originally from London and moved to Los Angeles five years ago. She has covered fashion and entertainment for the LA Weekly, LA Times, Variety, Paper and Swindle magazine. Caroline was recently laid off from her job and is starting a style website called The Style Strategist - visit and sign up for the newsletter if you want to make her happy. She'll be reading a piece called "No Hard Feelings".

And we have two new regular features to debut as well as free goodies from the Hustler Hollywood Cafe. One feature is called Erotica Review of the Month courtesy of the Erotica Revealed website. I'll be reading one of their top-quality reviews about a recently released work and we can discuss whether we agree with the critique and the points it makes about what makes for good one-handed reading - sorry 'erotic' - writing. The Erotica Review of the Month is going to be Frenzy: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex, Edited By: Alison Tyler on Cleis, November 2008, Reviewed By: Steven Hart. Our next feature fits perfectly with the Erotic Review of the Month and it's called Phone Sex where we call up an out-of-town author and have them read their work to us over the phone. So we're going to dirty dial D.L.King who wrote "Hard Wet Silk," in Frenzy. How about that! And D. L. King also publishes and edits the review site, Erotica Revealed ( She most recently edited the Cleis Press anthology, Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica, due to be released this July, and she is currently editing a vampire erotica anthology, also for Cleis Press, due to be released this Fall. She is the author of two novels, The Melinoe Project and The Art of Melinoe. Her work can be found in anthologies such as The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Girl Crazy, Frenzy, Yes, Ma’am and Yes, Sir. Find her at and come hear her purr some Phone Sex at Hustler Hollywood's In The Flesh 2009 Inaugural night - Wednesday, January 14 at 8pm.

Oh yeah - and I'll be spinning some appropriate music to get you in the mood for nu-smut.