In the Flesh: L.A. (the West coast version of In The Flesh founded by Rachel Kramer Bussel) is a monthly reading series held the second Wednesday of every month at Hustler Hollywood, and features the city's best journalists, authors, scriptwriters and more offering their torrid tales for your entertainment and titillation.

From secret dirty confessions to unique sexual insights (and even the odd embarrassment or two), these writers get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Readers have included Willam Belli, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maxim Jakubowski, Stan Kent, Shana Ting Lipton, Jenny Block, Regina Lynn, Rob Roberge, Eugene S. Robinson, Marty Barrett, Seth Greenland, Nina Hartley, Jeff Miller, Colleen Wainwright, Adam Grayson, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Maggie Marr and BatSheva Vaknin. We've also been written up in Metroblogging L.A., LAist, Thrillist, Fishbowl L.A., Blue Blood and others.

Themed include Survival, Confessions, Madonna, Fears, Embarrassments and many more. Complimentary snacks and desserts from the Hustler Hollywood cafe will be offered. The event is free.

In The Flesh: L.A. debuted in May 2008. E-mail for booking, more information or interview requests.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 11 Madness All Around at In The Flesh

After a bit of a hiatus for the holiday rush in February, In the Fleshers were back to business on Wednesday March 11th at our cozy location of Hustler Hollywood. The month’s theme was appropriately titled, March Madness – but had nothing to do with the balls normally associated to the phrase.

Our In The Fleshers were (left to right) Erotic Reviewer Kathleen Bradean, Arrested pervert writer Gordon Bressack, co-host Jolene Hui, co-host, reader and DJ Stan Kent, Rachel Kramer Bussel on Stan's phone and Jar, the man who found his way back to the womb and got a mohawk in the process. We had a great crowd to hear this mad crew this month, sitting close and trickling in throughout the evening. Goodies were provided by the Hustler Hollywood Café. We all need a little sweet with our smut.

The first reader was Gordon Bressack, a three-time emmy award winner for his work on “Pinky & The Brain” and “Animaniacs.” The original title of his story was “How I didn’t lose my virginity” but when he began he told us he really DID lose his virginity to a “Dirty Birdie.” We’re always a fan of virginity loss stories and the nostalgia associated with them. Especially when there is a dirty older woman involved!

We wanted to hear more about the time he was arrested for obscenity in Brussels (because the climax of the show he appeared in included a giant phallus extended over the audience that squirted water over the stunned patrons), but I guess we’ll have to hear that story another time.
Next up we all waited anxiously while Stan called Rachel Kramer Bussel for our phone sex portion of the evening. I’ve never seen a group of people so anxious for phone sex en masse. Due to some cell phone coverage issues, we anxiously watched as Stan was shot straight into voicemail a few times.

When they finally synched up and the crowd cheered, Stan set Rachel (via his cell phone) onto a chair. The audience listened closely to her story from her recently released anthology, “Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories” She left us waiting with mouths agape when her phone dropped off for the last time. Something was said about spreading something, when…silence. I guess we’ll have to buy the book to read the saucy conclusion.

Following our phone sex session, Kathleen Bradean read a review, written by Ashley Lister, of “Ultimate Burlesque,” edited by Emily Dubberley and Alison Fixter. The review was one featured this month on Erotica Revealed. Kathleen also gave us some info on the site. Their reviewers live all around the world and bring us info on the plethora of literary erotica. Go to their site to take advantage of this resource.

Next a fellow named Jar told us about his experience with a curvy woman. His piece got a lot of giggles and guffawing from the audience for his over-the-top and in-the-thighs descriptions. “Some Girls are Bigger Than Others” was titled after at Morrissey song. I don’t think anyone knew Morrissey could be so sexy and funny at the same time. This fun piece about being buried between voluptuous thighs was a result of a post-In The Flesh discussion after the last reading at The Rainbow. It pays to hangout after the Hustler festivities! This won't be the last we hear from Jar, unless of course he doesn't make it out from a pair of Cadillac-sized thighs.

Our own DJ/Host/Man of Mystery Stan Kent read from Bussel’s “Do Not Disturb” anthology, his story, “From Russia with Lust.” If only every hotel view could be as sexy as the one Stan described, we’d all be living our lives out of a suitcase. Stan certainly knows how that goes as he arrived severely jet lagged from flying in from Australia the day before our meeting. Will there be a “From Australia with Lust” in the near future? One could only hope … and as you can see from the Sex for One bookcover so artfully composed into the photo by co-host Jolene Hui, Hustler Hollywood's cafe has a great selection of sex and erotica books that are well worth popping down for a snack and some good smut.

For our last bit, we had a couple of people up to the mic to tell us a sexy story of their own and win Hustler merchandise gift bags in return for being so bold. Our first guest, Joy, told us of her fetish for having sex with sleeping men. We kid you not. Joy says her fetish has a name - narcophilia - and she's an expert practitioner. Seems she goes out with a guy, gets him drunk, they go back to her place and fool around until the guy passes out then she gets him hard (you can imagine how) and climbs on top and has her way. The guy doesn't remember much in the morning, which is just fine with Joy - and apt name if ever there was one. She says she does it because of the feeling of power and control it gives her. Sweet dreams, indeed... gives a whole new meaning to nocturnal emissions. We were all feeling a bit sleepy at this point and ready to follow Joy home but it was March Madness and our next reader took us down the rabbit hole ...

He was a fellow enamored with erotic cartoons which he described in great, great detail to an amazed crowd, proving that old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a lively mad crowd and love to keep that energy alive and sparking. Please come out to the next In the Flesh next month. The theme is Sex and Taxes. Taxes can be sexy, right? All that slaving and sweating over numbers can really get ya going…. and then there's Taxing Sex which can be viewed as sex where you really burn off the calories or the IRS's latest way to balance the budget. Now there's an idea if you really want a Stimulus Package - give people a tax credit for having sex...
That's Taxing Sex on Wednesday April 8 at 8pm with Eden Bradley and Tripp Mills live and Jeremy Edwards giving good phone sex at In The Flesh at Hustler Hollywood plus the Erotica Review of the month and another reader that could be you. Email Stan or Jolene if you're interested in performing at In The Flesh.