In the Flesh: L.A. (the West coast version of In The Flesh founded by Rachel Kramer Bussel) is a monthly reading series held the second Wednesday of every month at Hustler Hollywood, and features the city's best journalists, authors, scriptwriters and more offering their torrid tales for your entertainment and titillation.

From secret dirty confessions to unique sexual insights (and even the odd embarrassment or two), these writers get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Readers have included Willam Belli, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maxim Jakubowski, Stan Kent, Shana Ting Lipton, Jenny Block, Regina Lynn, Rob Roberge, Eugene S. Robinson, Marty Barrett, Seth Greenland, Nina Hartley, Jeff Miller, Colleen Wainwright, Adam Grayson, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Maggie Marr and BatSheva Vaknin. We've also been written up in Metroblogging L.A., LAist, Thrillist, Fishbowl L.A., Blue Blood and others.

Themed include Survival, Confessions, Madonna, Fears, Embarrassments and many more. Complimentary snacks and desserts from the Hustler Hollywood cafe will be offered. The event is free.

In The Flesh: L.A. debuted in May 2008. E-mail for booking, more information or interview requests.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scary Sex and Groovy Gothic Stories For Halloween and Stan's Birthday - October 14

It's the trick or treat season so for October's In The Flesh at Hustler Hollywood we're giving you some scary tales and some gothic stories to get you in the mood for all those parties where you can wear the stuff you'd like to wear every day because to quote Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween (which I'm sure I'll be playing as I spin some mood-setting music while you munch on some tasty sweet samples from the Hustler cafe) - oh and just in case you really need a sexy little outfit or toy - Hustler Hollywood has the goods.

As does In The Flesh - we have Eden Bradley reading from The Seeking Kiss, James Buchanan reading from Personal Demons and me - Stan Kent - reading from the Shoe Leather series which features Halloween as a key night in the saga along with shoes of all kinds. Speaking of sagas - it is also my birthday week so come out and celebrate with me, but do wear cool shoes as it is always about the shoes and there will be Hustler giveaway bags for the people with the coolest fuck-me shoes.

Speaking of a woman who knows her fuck-me shoes, Eden Bradley will be reading from her erotic futuristic vampire menage novella, THE SEEKING KISS, Book One in the Midnight Playground series from Samhain publishing. This is an e-book, but all three stories in this series will be available in print next year.

Here's the book link if you want to check it out before coming - or after coming - or even during - whatever your pleasure:;

And Eden promises to wear beautiful shoes, and for those of you that have been living under an erotica rock, Eden Bradley is the author of six novels and a number of novellas, short stories, poetry and articles in both print and e-book format. She writes erotica and erotic romance for Bantam/Delta, Harlequin Spice, Berkley Heat, Samhain Publishing and Phaze Publishing. She appears regularly on Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ with porn superstars Christy Canyon & Niki Hunter, and conducts workshops on writing sex. Her most recent releases are A 21ST CENTURY COURTESAN, a novel about a high-class call girl, available now in your local bookstores and through the usual online sources, and TEMPT ME TWICE, a ménage novella, available now at, at MyBookStoreand More and MobiPocket.

Eden loves shoes, tattoos, art, younger men, reading smutty books, chocolate and sex, of course, not necessarily in that order.

You can read more about her on her website:, on her MySpace page or her group blog,

James Buchanan, author of over ten novels and single author anthologies, lives in a 100 year old Craftsman in Pasadena with SexyGuy, two demon spawn and a herd of adopted pet dogs, cats, rats and fish. Between managing a law practice with SG, raising kids and writing books, James volunteers with the Erotic Author's Association and Liminal Ink as well as coordinates the newsletter for the ManLoveAuthor's co-op. James has spoken and read at conferences such as Saints & Sinners and the Popular Culture Association.

In the midst of midlife crises, James bought and learned to ride a Harley – it went with the big, extended-cab pickup. James has been a member of CorpGoth since 1993 and been known to wear leather frock coats to court.

If you don't find James at the computer working on the next book, you probably won't find the bike in the garage.

You can find out more about James' books at

Stan Kent is a chameleon-haired writer, rocket scientist, nightclub impresario, DJ, Hustler Hollywood special events host, cricket player and general 21st Century renaissance-punk-about-town. No matter where you find him, in whatever role he's playing, you can bet he'll be kitted out in something fashionably weird with clashing colors, always stylish in his own eccentric way, from his ever-changing wild hair to his wickedly cool shoes.

"It's all about the shoes," says Stan, “The feet cannot be denied,” and he means it! He's written a four-book saga about shoes and sex called Shoe Leather. He's published five other erotic novels and penned dozens of quickie reads on everything from spanking with shoes, cupcake sex, voyeuristic orgies, sex on planes, to techno-rave group spankings on the dance floor. He hosts In the Flesh — a monthly erotic writing and reading performance salon at Hustler Hollywood where he also DJs. The Los Angeles Times described his monthly performances as "Combination moderator and lion tamer." He’s also written award-winning social commentary, science, humor and travel articles.

When not banging out hot words and cool stories Stan is a professional rocket scientist traveling the world keeping communications satellites operating so they can beam porn (as well as other useful things like news and music and sports) around the globe. He's testified before Congress and the White House about private space exploration. He organized a grass-roots effort to keep the Viking probe on Mars operating when the government wanted to turn it off for lack of funds. The Wall Street Journal called him "The Mars Man."

While Stan may have won many awards for his rocket science work he doesn't look like an average engineering nerd. He’s often asked what band he's in. The closest Stan has come to strutting rock and roll on the stage is playing it as a DJ and creating and running the nightclub One Step Beyond, which in the 80s transformed the San Francisco South Bay Area's Silicon Valley into a cool music haven. Bands such as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Deborah Harry, Erasure, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others you never heard of called its sweaty walls home. The club became a launching pad for many local bands that made the scene as opening acts. While One Step Beyond has long since closed, the club’s legions of dancing fans continue the vibe today with more than 1500 Facebook fans still pogoing.

Stan Kent — Sex and Rockets and Rock and Roll — that's the story so far. With interests and pursuits as diverse as his wardrobe, he's a 21st Century renaissance-punk-about-town, born in England, escaped to America and earned his degrees in rocket science from Stanford University with general studies in creative writing. His great-great-grand aunt was the fourth victim of Jack the Ripper. He plays cricket every chance he gets to put willow on leather or bowl a maiden over on a sticky wicket. He loves shopping for shoes and clothes and hanging out where ever cool music is played or danced to. Check out what comes next at, Myspace/stantrum, Facebook/stankent,