In the Flesh: L.A. (the West coast version of In The Flesh founded by Rachel Kramer Bussel) is a monthly reading series held the second Wednesday of every month at Hustler Hollywood, and features the city's best journalists, authors, scriptwriters and more offering their torrid tales for your entertainment and titillation.

From secret dirty confessions to unique sexual insights (and even the odd embarrassment or two), these writers get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Readers have included Willam Belli, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maxim Jakubowski, Stan Kent, Shana Ting Lipton, Jenny Block, Regina Lynn, Rob Roberge, Eugene S. Robinson, Marty Barrett, Seth Greenland, Nina Hartley, Jeff Miller, Colleen Wainwright, Adam Grayson, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Maggie Marr and BatSheva Vaknin. We've also been written up in Metroblogging L.A., LAist, Thrillist, Fishbowl L.A., Blue Blood and others.

Themed include Survival, Confessions, Madonna, Fears, Embarrassments and many more. Complimentary snacks and desserts from the Hustler Hollywood cafe will be offered. The event is free.

In The Flesh: L.A. debuted in May 2008. E-mail for booking, more information or interview requests.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scary Sex and Groovy Gothic Stories For Halloween and Stan's Birthday - October 14

It's the trick or treat season so for October's In The Flesh at Hustler Hollywood we're giving you some scary tales and some gothic stories to get you in the mood for all those parties where you can wear the stuff you'd like to wear every day because to quote Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween (which I'm sure I'll be playing as I spin some mood-setting music while you munch on some tasty sweet samples from the Hustler cafe) - oh and just in case you really need a sexy little outfit or toy - Hustler Hollywood has the goods.

As does In The Flesh - we have Eden Bradley reading from The Seeking Kiss, James Buchanan reading from Personal Demons and me - Stan Kent - reading from the Shoe Leather series which features Halloween as a key night in the saga along with shoes of all kinds. Speaking of sagas - it is also my birthday week so come out and celebrate with me, but do wear cool shoes as it is always about the shoes and there will be Hustler giveaway bags for the people with the coolest fuck-me shoes.

Speaking of a woman who knows her fuck-me shoes, Eden Bradley will be reading from her erotic futuristic vampire menage novella, THE SEEKING KISS, Book One in the Midnight Playground series from Samhain publishing. This is an e-book, but all three stories in this series will be available in print next year.

Here's the book link if you want to check it out before coming - or after coming - or even during - whatever your pleasure:;

And Eden promises to wear beautiful shoes, and for those of you that have been living under an erotica rock, Eden Bradley is the author of six novels and a number of novellas, short stories, poetry and articles in both print and e-book format. She writes erotica and erotic romance for Bantam/Delta, Harlequin Spice, Berkley Heat, Samhain Publishing and Phaze Publishing. She appears regularly on Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ with porn superstars Christy Canyon & Niki Hunter, and conducts workshops on writing sex. Her most recent releases are A 21ST CENTURY COURTESAN, a novel about a high-class call girl, available now in your local bookstores and through the usual online sources, and TEMPT ME TWICE, a ménage novella, available now at, at MyBookStoreand More and MobiPocket.

Eden loves shoes, tattoos, art, younger men, reading smutty books, chocolate and sex, of course, not necessarily in that order.

You can read more about her on her website:, on her MySpace page or her group blog,

James Buchanan, author of over ten novels and single author anthologies, lives in a 100 year old Craftsman in Pasadena with SexyGuy, two demon spawn and a herd of adopted pet dogs, cats, rats and fish. Between managing a law practice with SG, raising kids and writing books, James volunteers with the Erotic Author's Association and Liminal Ink as well as coordinates the newsletter for the ManLoveAuthor's co-op. James has spoken and read at conferences such as Saints & Sinners and the Popular Culture Association.

In the midst of midlife crises, James bought and learned to ride a Harley – it went with the big, extended-cab pickup. James has been a member of CorpGoth since 1993 and been known to wear leather frock coats to court.

If you don't find James at the computer working on the next book, you probably won't find the bike in the garage.

You can find out more about James' books at

Stan Kent is a chameleon-haired writer, rocket scientist, nightclub impresario, DJ, Hustler Hollywood special events host, cricket player and general 21st Century renaissance-punk-about-town. No matter where you find him, in whatever role he's playing, you can bet he'll be kitted out in something fashionably weird with clashing colors, always stylish in his own eccentric way, from his ever-changing wild hair to his wickedly cool shoes.

"It's all about the shoes," says Stan, “The feet cannot be denied,” and he means it! He's written a four-book saga about shoes and sex called Shoe Leather. He's published five other erotic novels and penned dozens of quickie reads on everything from spanking with shoes, cupcake sex, voyeuristic orgies, sex on planes, to techno-rave group spankings on the dance floor. He hosts In the Flesh — a monthly erotic writing and reading performance salon at Hustler Hollywood where he also DJs. The Los Angeles Times described his monthly performances as "Combination moderator and lion tamer." He’s also written award-winning social commentary, science, humor and travel articles.

When not banging out hot words and cool stories Stan is a professional rocket scientist traveling the world keeping communications satellites operating so they can beam porn (as well as other useful things like news and music and sports) around the globe. He's testified before Congress and the White House about private space exploration. He organized a grass-roots effort to keep the Viking probe on Mars operating when the government wanted to turn it off for lack of funds. The Wall Street Journal called him "The Mars Man."

While Stan may have won many awards for his rocket science work he doesn't look like an average engineering nerd. He’s often asked what band he's in. The closest Stan has come to strutting rock and roll on the stage is playing it as a DJ and creating and running the nightclub One Step Beyond, which in the 80s transformed the San Francisco South Bay Area's Silicon Valley into a cool music haven. Bands such as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Deborah Harry, Erasure, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others you never heard of called its sweaty walls home. The club became a launching pad for many local bands that made the scene as opening acts. While One Step Beyond has long since closed, the club’s legions of dancing fans continue the vibe today with more than 1500 Facebook fans still pogoing.

Stan Kent — Sex and Rockets and Rock and Roll — that's the story so far. With interests and pursuits as diverse as his wardrobe, he's a 21st Century renaissance-punk-about-town, born in England, escaped to America and earned his degrees in rocket science from Stanford University with general studies in creative writing. His great-great-grand aunt was the fourth victim of Jack the Ripper. He plays cricket every chance he gets to put willow on leather or bowl a maiden over on a sticky wicket. He loves shopping for shoes and clothes and hanging out where ever cool music is played or danced to. Check out what comes next at, Myspace/stantrum, Facebook/stankent,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

999 - It's Sex Workers at In the Flesh

Our next In The Flesh at Hustler Hollywood is on September 9 (09/09/09) at 8pm right after Labor Day and how appropriate that we'll be celebrating sex workers of all kinds with Anastasia Antithesis, Sinnamon Love, Nica Noelle, Georgina Spelvin, David Henry Sterry, April Daisy White and special surprise guests all reading from HO'S, HUSTLERS, CALLGIRLS & RENTBOYS: PROFESSIONALS WRITING ON LIFE, LOVE, MONEY AND SEX, with me, Stan Kent, hosting and spinning some music to get you in the mood for a night of uncensored relevations, and of course we'll have the Erotica Revealed Review of the month, plus tasty nibbles from the Hustler cafe.

The just-released book is an amazing read covering all aspects of the sex industry with a frank style that has captivated reviewers across the nation. The book was featured on the cover of the New York Times book reviews section, and this is your chance to hear it live and meet David Henry Sterry the editor and star in his own right having published Chicken and Master Of Ceremonies.

"The sprawling project, grouped loosely by topic (Life, Love, Money, Sex, etc.), offers insight into seemingly all aspects of the sex trade: high-profile celebrities like Xaviera “Happy Hooker” Hollander and Nina Hartley make notable contributors, but it’s the unknown writers who will stick. The selections from the book’s closing section alone, written by members of Sterry’s San Francisco writer’s workshop for sex workers, range from triumphant to harrowing... Aside from exposing the complex web of relationships among phone sex operators, dancers, massage parlor workers, prostitutes and their customers, the book is heavy with raw emotions ranging from celebratory to shameful, giving sociologists plenty to ponder. It’s not all dark and heavy: Sterry’s own account of his experience as a birthday present for an 82-year-old grandmother is touching and sentimental; veteran performer Annie Sprinkle is characteristically blunt, funny and
honest… This volume houses some real gems."

Hos, Hookers, Callgirls, and Rentboys is a collection of short memoirs, whore war stories, confessions, nightmares, journalism and poetry. It contains new writing from sex worker literati: art-porn priestess Dr. Annie Sprinkle; the infamous Happy Hooker, Xaviera Hollander; author and LGBT activist Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore; starof The Devil in Miss Jones, Georgina Spelvin; best-selling memoirist David Henry Sterry and sex educator/movie star Nina Hartley. But it also includes crack hos, male hustlers, pimps and the teenagers they exploit. Funny, terrifying, tragic and inspiring, this collection of oral history, short memoirs, war stories, confessions, nightmares, social criticism and poetry is unprecedented because it includes people from all walks of the sex for money world.

From back-alley Tenderloin massage parlors, to glittering Beverly Hills hotels, to Times Square porn palaces, to the meanest streets in Harlem, Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys is a collage of sex and money, shining light on this hidden underbelly of America, from sea to shining sea.

To give you a feel for Hustler Hollywood's In the Flesh stellar array of sex worker talent here are their bios. Please come out, buy the book and have them autograph it for you.

ANASTASIA ANTHESIS was born Anastasia Krylov in Moscow, Russia, and left when the Soviet Union fell. She spent five years in Jerusalem, Israel, and then moved to Oakland, California. She now lives and works in Los Angeles, and is looking forward to her next move. She is a graduate of the Sushi Chef Institute, and currently attends community college. She is working on her transfer to UC Santa Cruz, where she hopes to major in Astrophysics and Linguistics. In her free time, she paints, sews, models, slacklines, writes, performs, stalks midnight movie theatres and lurks on the Internet.She can also be found on several social networking sites under Antithestasia.

SINNAMON LOVE is an African American pornographic actress, fetish model and glamour model. She was raised in Flint, Michigan, and attended both private and magnet schools. At age 16 she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she received her high school diploma a year early. She got married while at Santa Monica College, but later divorced, leaving her a single mother of two children. She has since had one more child. Love began performing in adult films in the early 1990s, and has since appeared in around 200 movies. She directed the movie My Black Ass 4, which received nominations at the 2001 AVN Awards for Best Ethnic-Themed Video and Best Anal Sex Scene (Video). Love was admitted to the Urban X Hall of Fame in 2009.Love appeared on the Jerry Springer Show in 1995, and in 2003 she was on the cover of the first issue of the hip hop and pornography magazine Fish 'N Grits with hip hop star Redman. As of 2008 she was a cohost of Fetish at Night on She also appeared on The Tyra Banks Show. She has survived a bout with ovarian cancer, but lost an ovary and a fallopian tube. Her hobbies include cooking and board games.

NICA NOELLE is an adult film actress, writer and director. She conceptualized and created Sweetheart Video and Sweet Sinner Films with Jon Blitt of Mile High Media, and was recently hailed by Nightline ABC as the new top female director in porn. Nica has been a published writer for many years, and her work has appeared in numerous national magazines and websites. Aside from her work in adult films, Nica is also an avid science and nature writer, and she is currently writing a book about urban wildlife and the relationship between humans and backyard animals.

GEORGINA SPELVIN is a former American pornographic actress who is best known for her appearance in the classic film The Devil in Miss Jones. She began her professional career as a chorus girl in New York and was featured in the Broadway productions of Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity, and The Pajama Game. She made her first movie, The Twilight Girls, a softcore lesbian film, in 1957. When her friend, actor Harry Reems, introduced her to adult film director Gerard Damiano, Graham moved away from the mainstream into porn. The stage name she adopted is a variation on George Spelvin, a name traditionally used as a pseudonym by stage actors. Though Spelvin is known to have appeared in a few sexploitation features during the late-1960s, she became one of the best-known figures in hardcore pornography for her starring role in The Devil in Miss Jones in 1973. Spelvin went on to appear in over 70 adult films, before retiring from them in 1982. In addition, she appeared in the low-budget exploitation film Girls For Rent (aka I Spit on Your Corpse)--for which she also served as costume designer--and made cameos in Police Academy and Police Academy 3: Back in Training. These were "straight," mainstream films, but she was cast as a hooker; the audience was expected to recognize the well-known porn star. The practice of fellatio was also implied in the films. She also had straight film roles in Bad Blood, in which she was credited as "Ruth Raymond," and Next Year in Jerusalem as well as guest starring roles on the television shows Dream On and The Lost World. Georgina Spelvin epitomized the era of porn chic. In 1973, Robert Berkvist, writing in The New York Times, commented that "'Miss Jones' is as familiar in [the respectable and well-to-do New York suburb of] Scarsdale as she is on Broadway." After her retirement from adult films, she became a computer graphic designer until retiring from that at age 65, in 2001. In 2004, she made a cameo appearance in Vivid Video's remake of The Devil in Miss Jones, which it titled The New Devil in Miss Jones. In 2005, she was interviewed for the documentary film Inside Deep Throat. As of the third week of February 2008, she resided in the Los Angeles area with her husband actor John Welsh and was working on her autobiography, titled The Devil Made Me Do It. In May 2008, she published her autobiography, The Devil Made Me Do It, and appeared on camera in a short web clip announcing its release to her fans on the internet. The book is available through her official website,

DAVID HENRY STERRY is an American author, actor/comic, and former sex worker. His 2002 memoir, Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent, described in the Irish Times as,"laconic as Dashiell Hammett, viscerally hallucinogenic as Hunter S. Thompson", and by The New York Times as a "studiously wild souvenier", details his experiences as a teenage hustler in 1970s Hollywood. In the 1980s he was Emcee at Chippendales Male Strip Club in New York, the subject of Sterry's second memoir, Master of Ceremonies.

He started in show business as a standup comedian in the early 80s, opening for everyone from Milton Berle to Robin Williams to Dana Carvey. As an actor he starred in over 1000 commercials, for everyone from McDonald's to Levi's to AT&T. He appeared on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sister Sister, the ABC pilot Move the Crowd, and the HBO/CTW show Encyclopedia, where he created over 80 characters, including George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Leif Erikson, and a leech enthusiast. He was given a three picture deal by Disney and wrote the movie script Army Dog for them. He made a one-man show out of his memoir Chicken, which debuted internationally at the Edinburgh fringe Festival, where it was named the number one show in the UK by the Independent. He is also an activist, a teacher, and a book doctor. He has taught at Stanford, University of New Orleans, University of Amsterdam, and ran a writing workshop for at risk teenagers and survivors of the sex industry for the United States Department of Justice in Washington DC in 2005. He performs his show Sex Worker Literati all over the country. It consists of people from the sex industry reading and performing their work, and is based on an article which featured him, written by Alex Kuczynski in the New York Times. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, writing articles on everything from Barack Obama, to the economy, to the war on drugs and prostitutes, to football, baseball and soccer. David Henry Sterry has been featured in The New York Times, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Penthouse, Details Magazine, nthWORD, BBC Radio, and NPR's Morning Edition, Weekend Edition and Talk of the Nation. Chicken was published by Judith Regan for HarperCollins in 2002, and by Canongate in the UK in April, 2003, and it has been translated into many languages. He’s worked as a chicken, a chicken fryer, a soda jerk, a cherry picker, a poet, a building inspector, a limo driver, a barker, and a marriage counselor. He graduated from Reed College, and loves his wife, his cat, his girl, and any sport involving a ball.
APRIL DAISY WHITE ( Daisy is happy to be included in the anthology HOS, HOOKERS, CALL GIRLS AND RENTBOYS. In 2004 April Daisy White wrote and performed SUGAR a one-woman show about her life. SUGAR explores Miss. White’s entire life; born in France to American parents, leading us up through her journey and healing from her time as an international call girl. SUGAR was produced in L.A. at Edgemar center for the arts under the direction of Larry Moss. Having been an actor for many years internationally in film, television, and theatre, most recently co-starring in Henry Jaglom’s QUEEN OF THE LOT, Daisy is also an acting coach and has worked with actors on numerous productions. She is co-founder of RADIANT PRODUCTIONS, which focuses on producing and directing projects promoting social advocacy for minority groups, focusing on the homeless community and Bosnia rape camps. Daisy also worked on a documentary about sex-workers, which explores the human side of prostitution, THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT. Miss. White holds a B.A in Theatre/Literature from Bennington College. Currently she is writing her memoir LOVE FOR SALE. Daisy works as a private Life Coach while also teaching a writing class, ‘Right Your Life by Writing Your Life’ facilitating other artists to tell their true-life stories by providing them the coaching and support they need.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Night Of Girl Crazy Lesbian Erotica

There was no question where the girls were on August 12 – they were at Hustler Hollywood’s In The Flesh for a night of lesbian erotica featuring the D.L. King edited “Where the Girls Are: Urban: Lesbian Erotica.” The just released Cleis book features memoirs and stories of country girls’ travels to the big city and their subsequent eye-and-thigh opening adventures. The Hustler Hollywood cafe was the perfect setting, offering us some tastey sweet morsels to sample while listening to the similarly succulent fare.

The evening got rolling with Kate Bradean reading “Don’t Fuck With Country Girls” that featured revenge sex, a bartender and superbly evocative imagery like “her Botticelli’s Venus hair on the pillow.”

After dollops of such luxurious phrasings it was time for some good old fashioned phone sex from guest phone fantasy artist Sophie Mouette who really is Teresa Noelle Roberts calling all the way from the East Coast. Sophie/Teresa is the writing partner of Andrea Dale who was also reading In The Flesh who is really Dayle A. Dermatis. What is it with all these aliases? Is the writing really that different? Hmmmmm – I sense a topic of discussion coming up one of these In The Flesh nights because it’s hard to keep straight who is who and who wrote what, but I guess that just adds to the mystery – and confusion. Sophie read “On Display,” her voice dripping through the phone as she recounted a story centered around an art gallery display and the sexually vivacious Mrs. Farnsworth.

Next came the Erotica Revealed Reviews of the Month which was created and run by D.L. King who was here In The Flesh to read her own story from “Where the Girls Are.” The reviews were discussed and debated especially since one of the reviews was from Kate Bradean who focused on the difference between porn and erotica. She claimed the difference is telling rather than showing, a scene rather than a story. Do we agree? Don’t know – I was too busy one-hand reading – which we all agreed is the reason why we produce erotica/smut/porn – it is to excite, to titillate, to sexually stimulate in some way – that doesn’t mean necessarily getting wet or hard – but making you think about sex and planting a few seeds for later reaping – every pun intended. The subject of length also came up and it was generally agreed that sometimes it can be too big – as in 437 pages long being too much to hold in one-hand.

Andrea Dale aka Dayle A. Dermatis a.k.a so many other writers read "Queen’s Up." It was a tease read about a woman having to save the homestead where Andrea elegantly and precisely set the scene but didn’t give us the money shot and refused when prodded, saying we had to buy the book to find out what happened. Hasn’t she ever listened and learned from Leonard Cohen’s “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On.”

The final read was our honor to host D.L. King and she did deliver a steamy tale called Chantal and it was hot as the blazes, full of good erotic descriptions and good old cunt dripping detail. We finished on a very high, hard and wet point.

We gave away Hustler swag bags to those audience members bold enough to display their reading talents. The grand prize went to Tim for reading about the pleasures of hairy-faced men from "F is For Fetish," penned by our own hostess-with-the-mostess Jolene Hui. And no, we weren't biased because he has facial hair and happens to be Jolene's boyfriend.

I played some appropriate girly-girl music and reminded everyone about next month’s In The Flesh, September 9 at 8pm right after Labor Day and how appropriate that we'll be celebrating sex workers of all kinds with Nica Noelle, April Daisy White, Georgina Spelvin, Anastasia Antithesis, Sinnamon Love, David Henry Sterry and special surprise guests who all be reading from "HO'S, HUSTLERS, CALLGIRLS & RENTBOYS: PROFESSIONALS WRITING ON LIFE, LOVE, MONEY AND SEX." The just released book is an amazing read covering all aspects of the sex industry with frank style that has captivated reviewers across the nation. The book was featured on the cover of the New York Times book reviews section, and this is your chance to hear it live and meet David Henry Sterry, the editor and star in his own right having published Chicken and Master Of Ceremonies, plus some amazing sex workers cum writers. What a great way to celebrate 09/09/09...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Freedom Sex Rang Out at In The Flesh, July 8

The Independence Day and Night Hangover was cured by a healthy dose of sex tales with a freedom theme at July's In The Flesh. Celebrating not just the freedom to say fuck in a crowded room but also 35 years of Hustler magazine publishing, all of the stories read demonstrated how lucky we are to be able to express ourselves erotically, uncensored, and that we should take every opportunity to do so. In that regard, In The Flesh thanks Hustler Hollywood for giving us the venue and the support of all the staff to let sex writing in all its wonderful forms ring out on the second Wednesday of every month.

Our first freedom sex tale came from Dayle Dermatis reading as Andrea Dale popping her reader's virgin cherry with a scintillating delivery of "Fanning The Flames" from the sizzling Playing With Fire anthology edited by Alyson Tyler. It was a tale of a woman trying to break free from a relationship and came with great imagery describing the simple pleasure of a man's face in her cleavage and the release of 21 smacks.

Next I (Stan Kent) walked the audience through the Erotica Revealed reviews of the month engaging the crowd in a discussion of why do we read erotica - "to excite, stimulate, titillate, entertain - get off" was the consensus and while realizing the subjectivity involved therein we took strong exception to the statement of one of the Erotica Revealed reviewers that "The fact is that most erotica is deliberately devoid of ideas, stylistically clumsy, and grindingly lacking in talent or vision as a result." From our experience at In The Flesh, nothing could be further from the truth. In a month where we celebrated Freedom Sex, the reviewer's statement dismissing most erotica seemed censorious,pretentious posing that smelled of jaded erotic snobbery rather than celebrating the diversity offered by titiilating tales from one-hand readers to classic works.

Our next read from Alyson Mead was a joy of discovery that started slow and hit like a bolt of lightning. She read from her forthcoming novel, Swallow, painting the vivid picture of a guy, Swallow, who just can't seem to connect with women but he has a teddy bear named Fucker. Enough said. As the encounter between man and bear played out looks of guilty recognition shot around the room. This was a tale of the freedom to fuck-up and find redemption in the unlikeliest of paws - I mean places. We can't wait for the publication of Swallow and look forward to celebrating its release at Hustler Hollywood's In the Flesh. Bring your own Fucker.

Next it was time for Phone Sex from Donna George Storey who read a very steamy passage from Amorous Woman courtesy of my Blackberry speaker and a phallically poised microphone.

Donna was really good at giving phone and described in dripping detail her preferred outfit for when she needs stimulus as in writing or in this case, reading her words over the phone. A picture is worth a thousand words - so here you go. This is what Donna was wearing as she captivated us with her true-life inspired story of an American woman discovering her sexual nature in the Floating World of Japan. Next time you read at In The Flesh in the flesh, Donna, we except you to be so attired in your inspirational garb...

Bringing up the rear of our Freedom Sex night was Sam Saturday. He read his erotic poetry to an audience who was simply blown away. Sam's words were a hilarious and beautifully crafted demonstration of whey why we do In The Flesh. While on the surface very Dr. Seuss-like in rhyme and pacing, Sam's poetry, especially the anal variety, showed that you've got to have the sexual vocabulary to pull it off. We'd all just love to be flies on the wall when he's bouncing his work off of accomplished erotica writer and girlfriend Eden Bradley and his two cats, Sasha and Xev and his Teddy Bear...

The room full of smiling listeners buzzed from Sam's erotic poetry so I issued the challenge to the audience - a swag bag full of Hustler merchandise to the soul bravest enough to come up and celebrate Freedom Sex by reading one of Sam's poems - chosen by Sam. At first it looked like no one would rise to the occasion but then stood the valiant Tim and read well inspite of the audience chuckles that permeated almost every naughty word. Never have we heard so many words for the bum...

We munched on some tasty Hustler cafe nibbles, and as I played some appropriate music (Queen's "I Want To Break Free" for example...) the authors and hosts gathered under the beaver mag display for a group photo. And now is an appropriate time to mention that the next In The Flesh will be on August 12 and will feature lesbian erotica from Where the Girls Are and Girl Crazy. You can bring your favorite Fucker if you like...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrate Independence Day with FREEDOM SEX

Even though the BBQs are over and the fireworks have already been lit, we're going to keep the fire going with some readings that will make you glad you have to ability to keep on celebrating your freedom. When I think of freedom I most definitely think of freedom of speech - one of our most important rights. I think our friends at Hustler would agree!

As you may have guessed, July's In The Flesh theme is Freedom Sex. Put your sparklers away and come on out to listen to our fantastic readers. Should be a liberating experience. This time we have three readers set to join us in the store, one phoning in for our "phone sex" segment and our monthly review from Erotica Revealed. Goodies to be provided by the Hustler Cafe. We'll see you Wednesday, July 8th at 8PM.

An interviewer once said of Dayle A. Dermatis, “She has so many aliases, you’d think she was a spy!” Tonight she’s with us as Andrea Dale, erotica author. (The cape and tights are invisible.) She also writes erotica and erotic romance with two different coauthors, as well as science fiction, fantasy, and media tie-in, under other names.

She has two novels available from Virgin Books and has sold about 90 short stories, which coincidentally is approximately the same number of Styx concerts she’s been to. In their most recent DVD, she’s visible so often in the front row that she could be her own drinking game.

Dayle has lived abroad and loves to travel (37 countries to date; she’s lost count of the states). She currently lives within scent of the ocean with her husband and two obligatory cats. When not writing, she can be found doing historic re-creation with the Society of Creative Anachronism, dancing at a Styx concert, or renovating a 1911 Craftsman-style bungalow.

Tonight she will be reading her story “Fanning the Flames” which appeared in the Playing With Fire anthology.

Alyson Mead is the bestselling author of Wake Up to Your Stories and Wake Up to Your Weight Loss. Her fiction, essays and articles have appeared in over thirty publications, and she has received the Columbine Award for Screenwriting, the Roy W. Dean Filmmaking Grant and awards from Writer’s Digest and USA Book News. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

She will be reading an excerpt from her forthcoming novel, Swallow.

Sam Saturday is the creator, writer and artist of all things from Load World Comics. He was born in Virginia, raised & educated in Florida, and later drove to California all by himself. As a child he was highly influenced by the Muppet Show, the Leisure Suit Larry computer games, musical theatre, comedy records and nonsense poetry.

Sam's comic strip "Load" has been seen in independent magazines published in places ranging from Texas to Germany. As an independent publisher, Sam has produced the "Load" collection "Why Do You Cry When I'm On Top?," the comic book "Pope & Pig," two books of "Tongue In Cheek" sex poetry, and more. Outside of his own work he has art-directed multiple feature films and shorts. His newest project is the video game website Explogamer, in which he serves as the creator and Editor-In-Chief.

Sam currently resides in Hollywood, California with his girlfriend, author Eden Bradley, and his two cats, Sasha & Xev.

He will be reading some erotic poetry (I believe of the anal variety).

Donna George Storey ( can’t seem to write anything that doesn’t have a lot of sex in it. Her adult-only tales have appeared in nearly a hundred journals and anthologies including Prairie Schooner, Gettysburg Review, Fourth Genre, Best American Erotica, the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica and X: The Erotic Treasury. Her work has been featured in magazines in the UK, translated into Italian and received special mention in Pushcart Prize Stories 2004. She is also the author of an erotic novel, Amorous Woman (Neon/Orion 2008), which was based on her own sensual experiences in Japan and was praised by American geisha, Liza Dalby, as “literary erotica at its best.” She currently writes two columns for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, “Cooking up a Storey” about her favorite topics— delicious sex, well-crafted food, and mind-blowing writing—and “Shameless Self-Promotion,” which is pretty self-explanatory.

She’ll be reading (via phone) an excerpt from “Suit and Tie” (She’s on Top, Cleis Press) a story inspired by her summer office jobs in college, when she regularly sought freedom from the bureaucratic grind by taking masturbation breaks in the ladies’ room. She still has a fondness for seducing serious men in suits.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot Summer Sex at In The Flesh

Summer was in the air - and so was hot sex - at the last In The Flesh at Hustler Hollywood on June 10. The traditional LA overcast June glooms may have been clouding the skies and chilling the temperatures but at Hustler Hollywood it was Hot, Hot, and Hotter as Eden Bradley, Jolene Hui, Patrick Julian and Alison Tyler (giving darn good phone sex) gathered at the supermarket of sex on Sunset Boulevard where many celebs go to get their caffeine and sex fixes. In The LA Times Penn Jilette of the Penn & Teller weirdo magician show revealed that when in town he stays at the Four Seasons and likes to hang out late in the flesh at the Hustler cafe drinking decaf espresso. Now that's a good trick, and one you should do too, only do it when In The Flesh is in session - every second Wednesday of every month at 8pm! And could it be a coincidence that the next Showtime episode of the Penn & Teller is devoted to the orgasm.

And for my next trick I (Stan Kent) opened the evening with some hot summer sex-inspired spinning as the crowd gathered, of which there was a lively bunch thanks to our great authors getting the word out that they'd be getting their words out - In The Flesh.
I opened the readings with the Erotica Revealed review of the month - Boy Crazy - Coming Out Erotica and we had a great discussion about whether heterosexual people could/do get turned on by gay porn. It was thought-provoking in terms of what makes for good smut regardless of gender or sexual preferences and lead perfectly into the fist author reading from Eden Bradley, who'd shared that she likes to watch gay porn because you see so many more hard cocks than in regular hetero porn. She had quite a crew of supporters with her who along with the rest of us enjoyed the tasty nibbles and drinks courtesy of the Hustler Hollywood cafe. The Hustler cafe staff, lead by Alex, do a great job of hosting In The Flesh. It was cool to see the scrolling lighted announcement of our In The Flesh reading series flash across the wall above the register area. All the books were in place thanks to Hollie and Alex and the stage was set for some hot summer sex.
Eden treated her fans to a delightful story called Soul Strangers from the aptly titled Harlequin Spice Naughty Bits about sex with a tattooed stranger on a beach. Eden's delivery was captivating, all the more remarkable because she'd mysteriously thrown her back out of whack just a few days before. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

She apologized for not wearing stilettos as she is usually want to do - and we are usually wanting her to do - but the wedges she had on were still definitely sexy, especially when she revealed under pressure that she'd thrown her back out cooking an omelet. Yeah, right the crowd said, and Eden, who had already admitted that the story she'd read was inspired by true events (but just how much of it was real is left as an exercise for the audience) went on to clarify that her back was already acting up because of an amazing session with an industrial strength vibrator that her boyfriend had acquired to help with a stiff neck. The stiff part we bought but the neck bit a stretch right down to the cock more like... This was thrilling real life stuff that dovetailed perfectly from Eden's fictional story, and her frank honesty about how this plug-in vibrator had taken her from just plain horny to screaming, neck thrashing, leg melting, brain mushing, pussy soaking orgasm in about 60 seconds had us all wanting to join her. And Eden was ever so kind, accommodating and thoughtful and provides the link to where you can get one of these amazing machines and all that we at In The Flesh ask is that you tell us at an upcoming night how you made out with the masturbating monster of not just good but GREAT vibrations. And we provide this info with all disclaimers of liability if you too throw out your back, or your lover's back or lovers' backs as you launch yourself and them into permanent residency in happy land. No wonder Eden (and her boyfriend) had such smiles on their faces.

The beast beater is a Brookstone Theraspa Turbo-(it costs $50 and is also available on Amazon and the crafty horndogs at Brookstone/Amazon give you free shipping if you spend $100 so buy two and give one to someone you love and lust after). Eden says, and we believe her, boy, how we really believe her, that her trick is to use the side with the textured roller ball.

Next up was our own Jolene Hui, the always provocative and prolific co-host of In The Flesh-LA at Hustler Hollywood, and she continued the sex on the beach theme reading The Salsa Bar from the new Alison Tyler collection, Playing With Fire. And she also continued the true confessions theme revealing that her story was inspired by true events. The key word here is "inspired." Jolene was very inspired on a beach in Nice, but like Eden, she didn't reveal just how much of it was her very horny imagination at work and play. As with all of Jolene's writings (and readings) the imagery she uses is powerful erection or pussy wet producing. You should go out and get Playing With Fire just to read this story - all the others are amazing too - but The Salsa Bar is truly a delight featuring Jolene's hot mom - dare I say hot MILF - encouraging her to have sex on the beach during their Mom and Daughter buddy bonding summer sojourn on the French Riviera. Now that's what I calla great Mom. That Jolene, or rather Jolene's character had sex with not just one, but two guys on the tour is just plain poetic. And yeah, Mom did make sure that her daughter had a condom - or two...After those two stories it was hard to be the host, and it got even harder in our next segment where we had the pleasure of phone sex from the delightful "Erotica's Own Superwoman", the "Trollop with a Laptop", Ms. Alison Tyler who told us all what little she was wearing - "diaphanous" floated from the phone and around our ears - and our imaginations provide the images of her very high spiked heels digging into the floor as she gave us very good phone from so many miles away, but she could have been right in the room, sitting on our laps, grinding as way as she read from her Exposed collection.
Our last reader was Patrick Julian and he proved that dishing out hot summer sex isn't just the prerogative of hot sexy female authors. Patrick built upon the foreplay of Eden, Jolene and Alison with his yummy tale "32 Flavors" about how buying ice cream and a chance encounter at the Hollywood Ralph's grocery store lead to some hot melting sex later with taste treats galore. And yes, Patrick's reading was likewise inspired by true events, and judging by the smile on his face and the way he was on the edge of his seat as he read (and look closely at the picture for the strategically placed Hustler Cafe menu sign and the scrolling In The Flesh announcement ) this was more true events than imaginative flights of fucking fancy.

Thanks to Hustler Hollywood we gave away some great bags of Hustler merchandise including copies of the DVD of "The People versus Larry Flynt," condoms and Hustler coffee mugs, so the crowd could go home, watch the movie, have safe sex and have a great cup of coffee afterwards (or before).

The authors gathered in the magazine racks for a final shot of what was a night for of hot, true, sex stories and surprising revelations, but I gotta stop writing right now because I hear a buzzing and a screaming coming from the bedroom... Join us in July (July 8 - 8pm) for In The Flesh's night of Freedom Sex - fireworks guaranteed.