In the Flesh: L.A. (the West coast version of In The Flesh founded by Rachel Kramer Bussel) is a monthly reading series held the second Wednesday of every month at Hustler Hollywood, and features the city's best journalists, authors, scriptwriters and more offering their torrid tales for your entertainment and titillation.

From secret dirty confessions to unique sexual insights (and even the odd embarrassment or two), these writers get naked on the page and will make you lust after them and their words. Readers have included Willam Belli, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maxim Jakubowski, Stan Kent, Shana Ting Lipton, Jenny Block, Regina Lynn, Rob Roberge, Eugene S. Robinson, Marty Barrett, Seth Greenland, Nina Hartley, Jeff Miller, Colleen Wainwright, Adam Grayson, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Maggie Marr and BatSheva Vaknin. We've also been written up in Metroblogging L.A., LAist, Thrillist, Fishbowl L.A., Blue Blood and others.

Themed include Survival, Confessions, Madonna, Fears, Embarrassments and many more. Complimentary snacks and desserts from the Hustler Hollywood cafe will be offered. The event is free.

In The Flesh: L.A. debuted in May 2008. E-mail for booking, more information or interview requests.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

September’s Adolescence Stories Were Hot, Bothered... and Funny!

I was super excited about this edition of In The Flesh, not just because of the theme (which I assumed would bring hilarity), but the reader line-up was awesome. This time out we had authors and writers from all different walks of life, and the result was fantastic.

Naturally, nobody could keep their hands off Schmerty’s Cupcakes:

Some of the crowd before the readings began:

Eden kicked things off with a sexy, steamy tale (please note her most awesome shoes):

Janelle followed up by reading an excerpt from her latest book, detailing one character’s start of a downward spiral via a potential sexual encounter:

After a short break for coffee refueling, cupcake munching and raffle ticket handouts, Meredith brought us back with the comical tale of how she and her high school boyfriend found themselves naked, locked in her parent’s bathroom, and had to flag down the neighbor to break them out:

Reading sexy excerpts from Judy Blume’s more notorious literary offerings, Jen nearly brought down the house when she read the part where Michael named his penis in “Forever”:

And last but certainly not least, Donna finished us off with a hot story of a cherry-popping party:

The final shot of all of us:
This month’s raffles were awesome, with a treasure trove of goodies divided into two bags. There were hats, t-shirts, glass toys, vibrators, magazines… you name it, it was in there, and two lucky audience members went home with a bag of tricks.

We’re doing it all over again October 30th, and the theme will be fears. Come along, and bring a friend! Leftover cupcakes make God cry.